Packtite Rentals

Packtite Rentals

Packtite Rentals

Our Bedbug Treatments include the FREE use of a Packtite Portable Heating Closet giving you the ability to treat and de-infest your personal possessions including, shoes, bags, backpacks, books, papers, toys, pillows, cushions, leathers, silks, suedes, wool and most other items that would normally have to be sent to a dry cleaner. This will save you time, money and aide in the success of your treatment.

Taveling and concerned about how to handle luggage? Ensure you don’t bring bed bugs into your home with PackTite. PackTite gets rid of bed bugs and other heat sensitive pests easily.

The heat produced by a PackTite chamber will kill all phases of bed bugs

Ideal for frequent or one-time travelers, students, office & hospital workers, and anyone who is concerned they may have been exposed to bedbugs.

Simply pack it up, zip it shut and turn it on. PackTite is the perfect solution for effectively treating items that are sensitive to chemicals or that you would prefer not to treat with traditional insecticides!

Packtite closets are also available for rent by the day or week. 

Give us a call to reserve one today.

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