Pre-K9 Bed Bug Inspection Checkist

Pre-K9 Bed Bug Inspection Checkist

Pre-K9 Bed Bug Inspection Checkist

Prior to your bed bug inspection, you must prepare any space that will be inspected. Please make sure to follow the checklist below, so that we can provide you with the most effective bed bug inspection.

  • NO pesticides can be used 30 days prior to any K9 inspection. If in application has been done, please inform us immediately
  • You MUST vacuum ALL floors and furniture thoroughly
  • Extinguish all smoking materials at least 2 hours prior to the inspection
  • Close all windows and outside doors. There must not be any air drafts for at least 2 hours prior to our K9 inspection
  • Turn off all A/C units, oscillating fans, exhaust fans and ceiling fans at least 30 minutes prior to our K9 inspection
  • Remove ALL pets from the building or immediate search area at least 30 minutes before K9 inspection (including, but not limited to all dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs and ferrets)
  • Place all pet food, water, and/or pet toys in a non-accessible area for our K9
  • Remove any potpourri, deodorizers, or air fresheners at least 2 hours prior to our K9 inspection
  • All areas must be free of clutter. Our team must have clear, unobstructed access to search areas and ALL furniture (bed(s), couch(es), dining set(s), chair(s), dresser(s), etc…)
  • There must not be any major noise or human distractions. If you are present during the inspection, you may be asked to stand in another room or out of the immediate search area
  • If there are any spilled pills, syringes or any type of medication in the search area, our K9 team may refuse to continue the inspection until the items have been removed.

Following this checklist correctly will ensure you get the gold standard in bed bug detection. This checklist is also very important for our K9’s safety. A trip charge of up to $300 may be assessed for failure to comply with this checklist. If this checklist is not followed it will limit our search capability and we may refuse to do the inspection.

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